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Test Versandprodukt

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Es handelt sich um ein Testprodukt.



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Anruf (0180 vom Festnetz)
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Fifa16 Ultimate Team Coins Coins can be used for buying

package, players, contracts, coworers and positioncards in fifa16

Delivery method

The coins will be transfered by buying a player because there are no more clubnames.

We need some other player information, which you can enter above.

You put a for you useless player on the transfermarket to sell.

Please pay attention to the player number you offer.

You must only put one player on the transfermarket.

It is important that the price of the player is at least abore 700 Coins

Delivery period

We will buy your player as fast as possible.

Expected waiting time: 1-10 hours.

After the purchase you can stay logged in.

Important hint

  • Please consider the EA Taxes 5%, these will be withdrawn by buying a player.
  • Unfortunately coult it happen that costumer accounts get banned too.
  • We can't give ans guarantee, every purchase is an own risk purchase.
  • By buying coins could it possibly be that you offend the AGB of the game developer or publisher. This could lead to a ban of your account.
  • We recommend not to use bought accounts for transfer, instead of bought accounts use your own account.