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Gott / Wolke für 10€ Paysafecard

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Current exchangeprice: 500

And god saw, that it was bad - and got angry!

Feature: With this smiley, you have the opportunity to let your nickname float on a heavenly cloud. Type in /code +god to perform this. The cloud in the nicklist can get deactivated with /code -god . All nicklist-effects from other smileyfeatures can get deactivated with /code -effects and activated with /code +effects .


You need a exchangeable smiley to accept this smiley. If you have to exchangeable smiley, can we offer you also instant-developing-codes, which can be exchanged directly.

For the delivery of the smileys, one of the suppliers have to be online. Our deliverers contact you within 10 minutes, if they are online. If they are not, you can contact them: 

/w x sascha <3
/w Manuel25NRW
/w cx7