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Madden 18 Coins - PS4

Quick Overview

You buy here Madden 18 Coins for PS4.


Madden 18 Coins - PS4

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With Madden 18 Coins you can build your own dream team in the Ultimate Team Modus. 

Delivery of your Coins

We deliver the Coins via. Playerauction. That means you have to put a player on the transfermarket which get bought by one of our suppliers. 


You put a Elite-Player for 24h on the transfermarket with the "Buy Now"-Price of the ordered amount of coins. The startprice should be 5.000-10.000 coins fewer than the "Buy Now"-Price. 


Ordered amount: 200.000 Coins

Startprice player: 190.000 Coins

"Buy Now"-Price : 200.000 Coins

Duration: 24 Stunden


Attention: EA charge fees of 10%. That means, if you buy 200.000 Coins you will get 180.000 Coins on your account.

Delivery period

We deliver the coins as fast as we can - usually it takes 10 - 180 minutes - in case of server problems from EA or delivery problems it can take up to 12h.  


- Fast and cheap delivery of the Madden 18 Coins

- Secure transfer via. Player Auction

- German Seller, German Company
- Livechat and E-Mail Support (Mo-Fr. 10:00-17:00)


  • So far no one of our customers had any problems after they bought Madden 18 Coins at our shop.